What is Graphene?

We only use aero grade graphene which has been proven to be the world’s best environmentally friendly raw material and  we are proud of our  graphene technology formula because we always believe that drivers deserve the finest quality products. – Hexalab


Graphene as a Two Dimensional Carbon Material with superlubricity and environment-friendly. It best serves as an oil additive that helps energy conservation in automotive industry. This project proposes the synthesis of a new Graphene Dispersant that ensures  the lubricant are equally dispersed, to generate its functionalities within the engine, enhance motor condition, reduce fuel consumption, improve power and minimise exhaust of motor vehicle, hence promoting the use of graphene in the industrialisation of oil additive.

Generally, graphene is a single atomic layer of graphite as thin as 0.17nm equivalent to approximately one over 200 thousand of the thickness of a hair, the thinnest material known in the world. While 1 mm of graphite consists of 3 million layers of graphene.

Lastly, graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice.


Malaysia’s palm oil industry is vital for the economy, which makes Malaysia one of the world’s largest producer of the commodity. Our solutions are largely established on our own recipes to produce ‘Graphene’, using oil palm waste based precursors for renewable and economical material which we persistently test and adapt to the latest technical circumstances with our reliable partners. 

We ensures all our production line meets the environmental standards where energy consumption is lower than other similar industries’ operating standards. With continuous quality inspections from raw material deliveries, to production, right through to shipment and reliable partners ensuring maximum safety, peace of mind and stringent quality control systems. 


Palm Kernel Process Flow


Zhong He Graphene and Hexalab has produced a high efficiency and energy saving engine oil synergist made from graphene and engine oil. This significantly improves engine oil wear resistance, lubrication, corrosion resistant and anti-oxidation. The product uses a new type of two-dimensional carbon material, graphene. 

By utilizing the Nano-size super lubricity property and self-repairing ability of the graphene, numerous nano-size graphene spherical particles will be formed on the internal surface of the engine. By converting sliding friction into rolling friction, it greatly reduces friction loss of metal surfaces and extends engine life. Regular use of the product can efficiently improve engine performance, reduce noise, longer oil change interval and  at the same time able to  reduce fuel consumption, increase efficiency and protect the environment.


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