Hexalab 100% Original Engine Oil Semi Synthetic SN PLUS 10W40 (4L)

Developed using cutting edge technology from USA, comprising a premium blend of high-end synthetics and hydrotreated mineral base stocks together with the best top-tier additives available today. Hexalab Lubricants 5W30 SN PLUS / CF SEMI SYNTHETIC has developed a vastly superior semi-synthetic lubricant that gives optimal protective performance that keeps engines cleaner and running like new day after day.

– ACEA A3/B3,A3/B4
– VW 502 00/505 00
– RENAULT RN0700 , RN0710
– FIAT 955525-G2


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✅PREMIUM SEMI-SYNTHETIC FORMULATION: High percentage of fully synthetic base stocks leads to advanced thermal stability to withstand high oxidative stress leading to a longer drain interval. excellent general lubrication.

✅ADVANCED ADDITIVE PACKAGE SN PLUS: SN Plus additive package has better seal compatibility compared to any other previous package. latest standard with better high temperature deposit protection & sludge control compared to previous packages. cleaning of carbon deposits left by inferior oils. optimized timing chain protection and prevention of low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) in gasoline direct injection engines (GDI)

✅ADVANCED ADDITIVE PACKAGE CF: Excellent soot & oil thickening control. High anti-foaming characteristics. Reduced valve train wear. Excellent piston deposit control. Enhanced copper corrosion control. good elastomer compatibility. Reduced oil consumption. Reduced ring & liner wear. Good low temperature pumpability.

✅PREMIUM MULTIGRADE: Stable viscosity over varying temperatures enhances lubrication protection over a wider temperature range

✅HIGHER VISCOSITY Low evaporation resulting in less frequent top up while giving good throttle response

✅RECOMMENDATIONS: API SN PLUS Suitable for vehicles requiring 10W40 viscosities. backward compatible, meets API SN Plus supersedes all previous categories

⚠️ Caution: Long term contact with skin may cause skin irritation or rashes. Wash off immediately with soap and water. Repeat till clean. Should irritation persist, see your doctor immediately. Keep away from eyes and do not swallow. Seek medical treatment immediately if ingestion occurs.

🌎 Protect the Environment – Dispose of used oils responsibly. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water.

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